Shenzhen GBC Glory Business CO., Ltd. Is specialized in manufacturing and international trading,especially focusingon the export of bicycles for adults and children & all kinds of baby products covering baby stroller, baby walker, baby cradle and etc. We supply a great lot and different styles of products to satisfy the demands of various customers.With the efforts and exploration over 15 years, our registered brand “kids-glory” has grown up and become famous and strong in these fields. After years of studying and researching of global business practices, we are able to establish our own management standards and identity namely:
 Our philosophy:
Trust and Reciprocation, Efficiency, Innovation

  Our objectives:
Dedicated to the perfection of our products. Bear the best interest of our customers in mind.

Our professional team are dedicated and practical and always adhere to the needs of our clients, we desire and will do our best to build and maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with all our friends. We strongly believe that success will always be part of our excellent cooperation.






  ·年度健康体检 (转正后工作满半年)

  • 外贸业务员 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 财务文员 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 新媒体运营(短视频方向) [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 高级平面设计师 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 阿里国际站运营 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 文案编辑策划 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 天猫/京东客服 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 运营/推广主管 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 外贸船务文员 [ 深圳-福田区 ]
  • 公司地址:深圳市福田区福强路益田花园D区(27栋)综合楼3楼