Easy Healthcare Corporation是一家总部位于美国的专注于移动医疗领域线上2C 业务的企业。产品涵盖生物诊断、医疗电子、软件App 与硬件结合的解决方案。我司主打品牌easy @ home品牌是目前美国在线零售领域多个细分品类的头部品牌;公司自主研发Premom 备孕APP为细分品类排名前5的百万级App. 本公司广州分公司成立了7年前的成熟的团队,与美国本土团队密切交流合作,互相取长补短,公司以人为本,注重内部晋升和培训;彻底贯彻坦诚开放的文化并持续打造培育学习型组织。 公司在美国本土树立了稳固的品牌知名度,并成功扩展到加拿大、欧洲; 在继续深耕细作北美本土市场的同时也在继续拓展拉丁美洲,澳大利亚以及其他全球市场。

Easy Healthcare Corporation is a US-based healthcare company.? Our easy@home brand is a #1 Best Selling Amazon product line and our Premom fertility app is among the top 5 most popular fertility apps. We have firmly established brand recognition in the US and Canada, recently accomplished a successful expansion to the European market, and are quickly emerging in Latin America, Australia, and beyond. As both divisions of our business are growing fast, we are looking for multiple talented individuals interested in ecommerce, mobile health, digital & retail marketing, or social media to join us in a permanent employment or internship role. Candidates with video production, writing, or photography are highly preferred. This position requires fluency in English, Spanish, or German.
  • Java构架师 [ 广州-黄埔区 ]
  • 采购专员 [ 广州-黄埔区 ]
  • APP产品经理 [ 广州-黄埔区 ]
  • 人力资源经理 [ 广州-黄埔区 ]
  • 跨境电商运营专员 [ 广州-黄埔区 ]
  • 数据分析师 [ 广州-黄埔区 ]
  • 公司地址:广州黄埔区科汇三街四号5楼