SteadiChips Inc. is a growing semiconductor design company focusing on developing industry's state-of-the-art and cost-effective analog ICs. Steadichips manufactures high-performance Analog Front End (AFE), high-speed high-resolution Analog-to-Digital (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC), low-phase-noise Frequency Synthesizers and Phase Lock Loops (PLL) ICs, etc., which are ideally suited for the medical imaging and nondestructive ultrasound; wireless base-station infrastructure; automotive, etc.

SteadiChips has strategically positioned itself in the analog segment, and emphasizes application-specific, market-driven products with high technology content. Benefited from the design center located in North America and head office located in Asia, SteadiChips perfectly poised the most advanced design resource and the fastest growing market.

Coming with good understanding and market potential, SteadiChips was founded in 2009 by Silicon Valley veterans. Based on world-class IC design and management team, SteadiChips is one of the fastest growing analog IC companies worldwide.
  • 销售经理 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 销售经理 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 模拟IC设计助理工程师 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 模拟IC设计助理实习工程师 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 系统工程师 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • IC验证工程师 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 模拟IC设计工程师 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 模拟IC设计工程师 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 系统工程师 ( 深圳-南山区 )
  • 销售经理 ( 深圳-南山区 )
  • 销售经理 ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 版图设计工程师(IC Layout) ( 上海-静安区 )
  • 测试工程师 ( 无锡-无锡新区 )
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