Who is SPARX

 A Hong Kong-based logistics service provider with worldwide capabilities
 Longstanding relationships with high-level executives at all major ocean carriers & global airlines
 The flexibility to build customized logistics programs that meet the specific needs of each customer
 Confidence in our ability to anticipate the rate market & keep our customers ahead of the curve
 Though a relatively young company, the SPARX team brings extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of global import and export logistics.
 A 100% committed to our customers, including the best advice to meet their
         long- and short-term budgeting goals
 Extensive experience with retail/fashion items, furniture, auto, chemicals
         & project cargo
 Our integrity is paramount
 Our founding philosophy: gather the best & brightest minds in global logistics; provide our customers with cutting edge systems & superior service
           我们的成立理念: 聚集全球货代行业的精英,用高精尖的技术为我们的客户提供最优质的服务
 Our slogan: Imagine What We Can Achieve
           我们的口号: 让你的想象触手可及
 Our symbol: Four stars converging, representing:
           我们的星星标识 -- 4个角传达的是以下信息:
 People: educated/experienced, motivated, service-oriented
         我们的人群 – 受过高等教育的/丰富经验的/具备主动性的/以服 务为宗旨的
 Solutions: geared towards each industry we serve
         我们的方案 – 面向不同行业的客户,服务依然游刃有余
 Technology: at the forefront of the latest innovations
         我们的技术 – 最新最快最直观
 Network: comprehensive, diverse, built on long-term partnerships
         我们的关系网 – 融会贯通,丰富多样,长期合作

Our China Network

SPARX Hong Kong (Global Headquarters)
Unit C&D 22/F Alliance Building
No 130-136 Connaught Road Central
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

SPARX Shanghai
Room 102 -103 AIJIA International Mansion No. 4
288 Wu Hua Road, Hong Kou District
Shanghai, China 200086

SPARX Guangzhou
Room 3103 31/F, North Tower, No.371-375
Huan Shi Dong Road,
Guangzhou PRC 510095, China

SPARX Ningbo
Room 509 Fifth Avenue
719 Zhong Xing Road, Jiangdong District
Ningbo, 315043 China

SPARX Qingdao
Room 602A, Guangfa Financial Mansion, No. 40
Shandong Road,

SPARX Shenzhen
Room 2013-2014 , Shenhua Commercial Building,
 2018 Jiabin Road, Luohu District,
Shenzhen, 518001 China

SPARX Tianjin
Room 1410 Harbour Center
240 Zhang Zi Zhong Road, Heping District
Tianjin, 300041 China

SPARX Xiamen
Room 20A Hongxiang Building
258 Hu bin South Road
Xiamen, 361004 China
Room 102 - 103 AIJIA International Mansion No. 4, 288 Wu Hua Road, Hong Kou District, Shanghai 200086 China
  • Documentation 单证 ( 上海-虹口区 )
  • 销售经理Sales Manager ( 宁波-江北区 )
  • Operations Airfreight空运操作 ( 上海 )