Kai的使命是致力于消除数字鸿沟,为新兴市场中数十亿没有互联网的人们提供移动连接,同时也为成熟市场的人们提供智能手机的替代品。为了实现这一目标,Kai与领先的ODM/ OEM运营商合作,如AT&T、Sprint、T-Mobile、Reliance Jio、Orange、MTN、中国移动、HMD、Doro和Bullitt。Kai还得到了包括谷歌和Reliance Jio在内的主流技术与电信行业参与者的支持。Kai与这些合作伙伴一起,专注于研发平价的设备和数据计划,使每个人都能接入互联网。公司的使命吸引了TCL、高通、信实和谷歌等多家全球知名公司的目光,这些一流企业不仅将他们的兴趣投入到KaiOS的技术中,还与我们紧密合作,推进技术、全球足迹和领导地位。Kai与30多家公司展开紧密合作,共建KaiOS生态系统,使他们能够通过激动人心的新产品和服务来改变其商业模式,不仅能够连接本地,还能连通全世界。
目前KaiOS幕后的团队有员工260多人,并且还在快速增长中。Kai在中国香港、美国、中国台湾、中国大陆、印度、巴西、法国和尼日利亚等地区设有分支机构。公司荣获多个奖项,包括2018年MWC Asia***移动技术突破奖,以及2018年巴塞罗那MWC Digital Trends***新兴技术奖。Kai还通过与JioPhone的整合获得了间接的认可,获得了《财富》的“改变世界公司奖”和《日经》的“产品优秀奖”。KaiOS也入选了《时代》杂志2019年100大***发明之一!

 KaiOS Technologies powers an ecosystem of affordable digital products and services. Its flagship product, KaiOS, is the emerging mobile operating system for smart feature phones with more than 100 million active users in over 100 countries. The HTML5 and other open web technologies based operating system developed by KaiOS, created a new smart feature phone segment. KaiOS is already the third mobile OS globally and one of the most impactful tech startups in the world. Devices running on the platform require limited memory, while still offering a rich user experience through access to apps like the Google Assistant, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, and Twitter.
Kai’s mission is to help close the digital divide by bringing mobile connectivity to the billions of people without internet in emerging markets, as well as providing those in established markets with an alternative to smartphones. To make this happen, Kai partners with leading ODM/OEMs and carriers, such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Reliance Jio, Orange, MTN, China Mobile, HMD, Doro, and Bullitt. Kai is also backed by major technology and telecom industry players, including Google and Reliance Jio. Together with these partners, Kai focuses on creating affordable devices and data plans that make internet access a reality for everyone. The mission statement has attracted the likes of TCL, Reliance and Google etc. during its journey. These leading companies have not just invested their interest into KaiOS Technologies but have also collaborated with the company in advancing its technology, global footprint and leadership. KaiOS collaborates closely with over 30 company partners involved in building the ecosystem surrounding KaiOS, enabling them to transform their business models with exciting new products and offerings, to connect to not only local communities but also the globe.
The team behind KaiOS currently counts more than 260 people and continues to grow rapidly. Kai has offices in Hong Kong, the U.S., Taiwan, mainland China, India, Brazil, France, and Nigeria. The company has won several awards, including the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough at MWC Asia 2018, and was named Best Emerging Tech by Digital Trends at MWC Barcelona 2018. Kai has also received indirect recognition through its integration with the JioPhone, which won Fortune’s Company Changing the World award and Nikkei’s product excellence award. KaiOS also is officially one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019!