Skytex China Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skytex Holdings Limited. The company principally services import and retail clients in Europe by developing products that suit our clients’ markets and aid them in optimizing the return on their shelf-space. The company is engaged in design, sale and marketing, production, and delivery of mainly home textile collections.

施家商贸(上海)有限公司是一家由香港SKYTEX Holdings Limited独立投资于中国大陆的国内进出口贸易公司。主要为欧洲进口贸易商及大型零售企业开发适应欧洲市场的产品,帮助客人提升产品竞争能力。为客人提供设计、销售、营销、生产、运输一条龙服务。公司主营家纺品。