Wynd is a fast-growing, venture-funded company based in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen. We are building the world’s most advanced data science platform for indoor environments, so that everyone can enjoy the most optimized space at home, work, or play. Our core technology was developed at MIT over the past 5 years. Wynd’s products include software-enabled air quality sensing, AI-driven cloud data analytics, automation systems, and more. We sell to customers in over 90 countries and also have partnership agreements with large enterprises such as Honeywell and to incorporate our technology into millions of homes and buildings globally. Wynd is becoming the world leader in measuring, benchmarking, and improving indoor environments at scale, and is looking for the strongest talent to join our fast-growing team in Shenzhen.

  • 高级电子工程师 ( 深圳-龙岗区 )
  • 嵌入式系统工程师 ( 深圳-龙岗区 )
  • Android Engineer ( 深圳-龙岗区 )
  • PM ( 深圳-龙岗区 )
  • Designer ( 深圳-龙岗区 )
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