ArcMEAD is an international marketing and consultation firm focusing on consumer products sold in the United States, Europe, and Japan. As an industry leader in e-commerce marketing, we specialize in product design, brand direction, and effective promotion, providing our clients with insights into consumer behaviors and strategic positioning. We enable manufacturers and brands to localize to their target audience more efficiently, so they can reach their sales goals with less advertisement expenditure.
ArcMEAD是一家国际产品营销和咨询公司,专注于美国,欧盟和日本地区的消费品。 作为电子商务营销的行业领导者,我们专注于产品设计,品牌指导及有效的促销推广,为客户提供消费者行为观测和战略定位。 我们使制造商和品牌能够高效的本地化定位受众群体,使用较低的广告支出实现销售目标。
ArcMEAD is headquartered in Los Angeles and entered the Chinese market in 2015 with sub-companies in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shijiazhuang and Langfang. We also have branch offices in Singapore and Germany.
We welcome you if you have thoughts, ideas, if you enjoy a good challenge, and dare to fight. Here, you will feel our respect for each idea and each person. Your idea, as long as it’s reasonable, will likely be heard and adopted, whether you are a senior manager, or fresh in the workplace. You will also have the opportunity to receive company training, hone your skills, and share in our success. We are people driven, and each employee can easily find enjoyable work here. We provide the chance to show your real value while providing fair competition and equal promotion opportunities while providing a high quality management system, a comfortable office environment and a friendly working experience. We at ArcMEAD welcome You!

  • 亚马逊运营主管Amazon Operation Supervisor
  • 亚马逊运营经理
  • 跨境电商招商专员/销售专员
  • 阿里巴巴国际站RTS大型渠道商/销售专员
  • 市场渠道总监助理
  • 国际物流专员
  • 广告推广专员/主管
  • 亚马逊运营(测评)
  • shopify销售经理
  • 客户经理
  • 实习生/管理培训生
  • 海外客服
  • 外贸业务员
  • 销售代表
  • 亚马逊运营(铺货方向)
  • 采购员(跨国电商)
  • 产品经理
  • 销售经理
  • 站外引流主管/专员
  • 管理培训生
  • 行政文员/前台
  • 亚马逊运营助理
  • 高级商务拓展经理
  • Shopify独立网站运营
  • Shopify 运营经理
  • 销售经理
  • 亚马逊运营专员(日本站)
  • 新媒体推广
  • 亚马逊运营专员
  • 公司地址:广州岭南国际电商产业园3街301-310