Founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 1898, Messer is a large family-run industrial gases specialist in the world. With operations in Asia, Europe and Americas, Messer manufactures and supplies a full range of industrial, medical,specialty gases and gas mixtures to almost all industrial sectors, healthcare as well as science and research.
Messer entered China in 1995. Messer China today is providing professional gas products and services through 32 companies located in East China, South China and West China regions.
Our primary goal in talent management is to hire and retain the best and most talented employees who can grow with the company and support the sustainable development of Messer China. In return, our employees will enjoy a team environment with equal treatment, harmony, frankness and mutual trust; a career development platform featuring stability, long-term and multi-direction; an opportunity to maximize one’s strength, improve one’s capability and expanding one’s professional spectrum and horizon; and a competitive compensation& benefits system that is biased to high performing, high potential and competent employees.