Shenzhen Alphagreen vape Co.,Ltd established in 2018, we mainly focus on manufacturing Ecig products.

Alphagreen win client’s trust and support because of sincere&professional service, what’s more, establish long-term business and friendship. We believe that our attention to the details determination creates competitive products with outstanding quality.

Our team is professional, honest, young and energy, with incredible potential future. Welcome to join us and make your dream come true.

深圳市绿元科技有限公司成立于2018,专注于电子烟研发生产,主要出口美国,加拿大。我们是一个充满活力的创业公司,我们有远大的理想和长远计划,同时专注于干实事,认真做好每一个细节,并比别人更努力更精益求精。 相信我们的专业的态度和真诚勇敢的心可以赢得更多更好的机会,并做强做大!!!

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