About us:
Our skilled management team and our attention to the customer's needs, make JC Edward Corp. one of the world's leading shoebox suppliers. Our innovative approach and global access ensure competitive pricing. The company's expert multi-lingual staff, as well as its design, marketing, and distribution professionals, provides excellent service to the 120 global brands it currently serves.

JC Edward Corporation's headquarters in New York's Empire State Building, as well as satellite offices in Dongguan, China; Novo Hamburgo, Brazil; London, UK; and box plants in the USA, China, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and Brazil, mean that we successfully serve the needs of all our customers worldwide.
Worldwide Quality, Worldwide Service, Worldwide Pricing ...it all makes sense.
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    公司地址:A3栋3楼, 西平动漫城,西平三路,南城,东莞市