Interbuild Far East (CN) Ltd. is a sub company of Interbuild Holding Ltd. which is a group of companies of Swedish origin, that since 1995 has been engaged in the design, development, sourcing and sales of an extensive range of garden furniture, decking and deck tiles, indoor furniture, solid wood kitchen worktops, stair – and DIY panels. Our core customer base in found mainly in Europe, United States, India, Australia and New Zealand and consist of World leading furniture retailers, World Class DIY retailers, pure E-Commerce retailers, the Kitchen and Stair Industry as well as distributors of these. With our wide range of Commercial Delights, with Extensive Capacities from more than 50 factories, with solid Quality Assurance systems in place and with a Thorough Understanding on World Class retailers’ demands, we possess a strong foundation to serve the worldwide market with many different Home Furnishing categories.