VCST is a leading designer and supplier of engine, driveline and technology components. VCST's mission is to build on our product expertise, process technology and market leadership to deliver value-added components and assemblies to automotive customers around the world. From Engine and Transmission Gears, Transmission Shafts, Brake components (such as ABS/ ESC-valve bodies), Intermediate Gear Assemblies, Oil pump assemblies, - VCST has successfully launched a large number of new programs.

VCST believes in the Power of People and Ideas. We have cultivated an outstanding workforce of more than 1000 people.

Through the collective strength of our employees, supplier partners and global customers, VCST is well positioned for continued growth and success. We look forward to working with many more of you - employee, supplier and customer alike - as we continue to meet today's challenges and look toward the future.

  • Sr. Sales Manager [ 常州 ]

  • 公司地址:江苏武进经济开发区富杉路8号
    8 Fushan Road,Wujin Economic Zone, Changzhou, China