Cosmo Industries (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a German foreign-owned enterprise. Our Asia headquarter is located at Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong; with its facilities located at Xiansha Industrial Zone, Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, PRC [RG1] . Cosmo is a leading industry player in the field of product design & development for advanced engineered soft-goods, mobile device storage & accessories.

Cosmo owns a committed team of, competent, creative and passionate and professional teams of research, product design and management, client management, operations, quality and engineering and management, whom grow their career together with our rapidly-developing business. To meet with its business development, Cosmo established a modern enterprise management system according to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 standard. It has also established environmental philosophy of "green and lean manufacturing, and protection of human environment", aiming to improve supply green products chain management and control. It runs the strategy in ensuring sustainable development adapted to the human environment. Simultaneously it has introduced the modern human resources management system, and ERP process management platform.

To create learning-oriented enterprise, Cosmo has established partnership with a number of business management consultancies and innovative institutions to enhance knowledge in business management and production technology. Accordingly, Cosmo teams are in leading position in the industry.

Cosmo’s products are designed in alignment with the marketing philosophy of "quality, speed, cost, service and environmental protection", and have won solid business relationship with many world-renowned corporations (Fortune 500 Companies). Cosmo runs its business in continuous enhancement on its professionalism, speed in quality delivery, agressiveness, integrity, and environment protection".. Cosmo is committed to continue to enhance its role as a trusted, respected partner and outstanding enterprise with great sense of social responsibility and investment value.

     Website: www.cosmosupplylab.com

卡士莫实业(东莞)有限公司成立于2011年,是一家德国外商独资公司。 亚洲总部位于香港九龙柯士甸道;东莞公司位于广东省东莞市高埗镇冼沙工业区。公司为业内先锋,业务主要是设计和开发非耐用品、移动设备周边附件及配件。




? 网址:www.cosmosupplylab.com

Notes for job applicants

Please send us your resume through recruitment websites or E-mail.

Please include your name, the position you are applying for, your current and expected salary and the earliest availability in your resume.

Please send only once and do not apply for more than one opening as we will exercise the job mapping.

Please be reminded to bring your resume, ID card, academic certificates, English certificates and / or school reports and any other relevant certificates.

Please do not visit us without making an appointment in advance.

Benefit and Compensation Systems

We work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week(production related positions need to be adjusted according to the actual production schedule). We comply with all statutory holidays such as marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and nursing leave, etc.
1、五天八小时工作制(与生产相关的职位需根据生产时间而定) ,按国家规定享有法定公众假期、婚假、丧假、产假、陪产假、哺乳假等相关假期。

We enjoy five insurances (pension, unemployment, work injury compensation and medical treatment and maternity) and housing fund.
2、公司为员工购买五险(养老、失业、工伤、医疗、生育 )和住房公积金。

We provide decent working environment and competitive remuneration. Eligible employees enjoy food allowance (RMB420), housing allowance (RMB700),birthday allowance (RMB500). (May be adjusted according to the company policy per management decision)

Employees enjoy annual performance bonus depends on market benchmarking, our company’s financial and your individual performance.

We hold various recreation activities such as employee gathering, sports games and monthly birthday party.

We value employees’ career development and provides opportunities for promotion as & when appropriate.

  • 注塑技术员/plastic molding technician ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Sr.QE ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Software Engineer(软件工程师) ( 东莞 )
  • Costing Leader(成本主管) ( 东莞 )
  • Project Manager/ 项目经理 ( 东莞 )
  • 机械设计工程师 ( 东莞 )
  • 高级产品开发工程师/Sr PD Engineer ( 东莞 )
  • PDM ( 东莞 )
  • Sr. IE Engineer ( 东莞 )
  • TPM工程师 ( 东莞 )
  • IE Engineer ( 东莞 )
  • QE,品质工程师 ( 东莞 )
  • 生产主管 ( 东莞 )
  • System Engineer/系统工程师 ( 广东省 )
  • SAP Business Analyst/SAP业务分析 ( 广东省 )
  • SAP 开发工程师/SAP Developer ( 广东省 )
  • Business Controller ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • IT 硬件工程师/IT Support Engineer ( 广东省 )
  • 薪酬福利主管/C&B Supervisor ( 广东省 )
  • Sr Tooling Engineer(高级模具工程师) ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Sr Manager Chemcial Engineer 化学工程师 ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Product Development Manager ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Sr. Adhesives Engineer ( 东莞 )
  • Sr. Robotics Engineer(高级机器人工程师) ( 东莞 )
  • Sr. Equipment & Automation Manager ( 东莞 )
  • Textile Engineer ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • C&B经理 ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Plant Manager 厂长 ( 东莞 )
  • Manufacturing Director 生产总监 ( 东莞 )
  • CAD Engineer / CAD绘图工程师 ( 东莞 )
  • 采购工程师/ Sourcing Engineer ( 东莞 )
  • 采购(皮革,PU皮)-急 ( 东莞 )
  • PMC ( 东莞 )
  • IE 工程师实习生 ( 广东省 )
  • 生产计划员(应届毕业生实习) ( 广东省 )
  • Customs officer/ 关务主管 ( 广东省 )
  • TPM技术员 ( 东莞 )
  • 招聘文员 ( 广东省 )
  • Leather Expert Manager /皮革面料经理 ( 广东省 )
  • Adhesive Expert 化学工程师/不干胶专家 ( 广东省 )
  • Fabric Expert面料开发助理经理 ( 广东省 )
  • 间接采购工程师(MRO) ( 广东省 )
  • SQM/供应商质量管理经理 ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • 工程/设备经理 ( 东莞-高埗镇 )
  • Senior automation engineer/高级自动化工程师 ( 广东省 )
  • IT Security Engineer ( 广东省 )
  • 纺织技术工程师 ( 东莞 )
  • 高级激光&镭射工程师(非金属材料) ( 东莞 )
  • SQE工程师 ( 东莞 )
  • 公司地址:东莞高埗镇