We are the fast-growing, well known German / Chinese Joint Venture between ERICH JAEGER (Germany) and POWAY Industries (China), based in Shenzhen. The JAEGER Group is a successful and internationally active company with more than 80 years history. There are 8 brother companies are working on innovative solutions for the international Automotive Industry in the fields of wiring, plug-in connectors, electrical/electronic in-stallations and cable harness kits, from design to the serial production stage and certified according to ISO 9001:2000 & IATF16949.

地址: 深圳市宝安区沙井街道办沙四居委会高新科技园B栋(地铁11号线直达)

  • 外贸采购跟单/Procurement ( 深圳-宝安区 )
  • Electronic Engineer/汽车电子工程师 ( 深圳-宝安区 )
  • 实验室助理工程师 ( 深圳-宝安区 )
  • 测量技术员 ( 深圳-宝安区 )
  • 注塑技术员 ( 深圳-宝安区 )
  • 公司地址:宝安区沙井街道沙四高新科技园B栋
    Block B, High Technology Industrial Area, Shashi Village