About Us
What we do?

We are Arco City, we focus on being the major co-working space provide to all driven SME in HK. We were founded to enable your business success through and sharing your overheads; we are situated in the heart of Wan Chai with office equipped with the infrastructure and quintessential to offer the peace of mind and allow you to focus on your business growth.

How we do?

Our team is proactive, efficient and on hand to support you. We believe in taking a genuine interest in the growth and success of your business. We are proud to be an innovator of the Serviced and Virtual Office Industry in our development of technology driven solutions which benefit your business.

  • 行政秘书 ( 深圳-南山区 )
  • 招商经理 ( 深圳-南山区 )
  • 资深设计师 ( 珠海-香洲区 )
  • OEM经理 ( 深圳-南山区 )
  • 广告平面设计师 ( 深圳-南山区 )
  • 人事主管 ( 深圳-福田区 )
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