Who we are: Welcome to the Hübschmann Zhan School! At HZS we welcome students from all over the world, including China, to join our community of students, teachers, and families. Together we inspire and are inspired by one another. We are a globally-focused team committed to helping students discover their passion and in preparing youngsters to play their parts in the development of society. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds—some have parents working in international consulates or BMW and other international companies. Other students are local Chinese who are interested in a global education. No matter where a student comes from, HZS is their home. 欢迎来自世界不同国家的学生(包括中国学生)加入我们的队伍,成为HZS的一份子。 这里是个国际化大家庭, 这里可以打造一个与众不同的他(她), 这里聚焦了一支全球化教师队伍, 这里融合了东西方多元化课程, 这里致力于帮助学生挖掘自身的潜能, 这里着眼于为学生终身发展而创造的国际化格局, 这里让学生在未来的社会中找到自己的人生定位,这里有来自于德国宝马员工、领事馆以及外企高层员工的外籍子女,还有渴望接受国际教育的中国学生。 在这里, 无论您来自哪里, 我们都期待着您的加入……

 What we do: We are divided into two sections, International and German, but we work together to unlock students’ potential. Both divisions are home to expatriate as well as Chinese students. Our school teaches critical thinking and problem-solving approaches, whilst developing the communication skills that are increasingly necessary in a rapidly changing world. We nurture a sense of empathy, teamwork, and leadership in all age groups.


Combining academics, life skills and global experiences: HZS is academically rigorous, whilst our teachers still take time to know the whole student, whether in the classroom, on the sports fields, or in one of our many extra-curricular activities. As a community, we pursue the highest standards of scholarship, art, sports, and morality so that our students will lead fulfilling and conscientious lives.


 Combining academics, life skills and global experiences:


  Our unique education blending: By developing our International & German Divisions side-by-side and in harmony we are able to integrate combined experiences for wider, deeper international perspectives. Our teachers and support staff develop shared goals for all of our students, utilizing global and local education approaches of the very highest standards. The curriculum requirements for both German and International-speaking systems are fully implemented, along with a deep understanding of home and overseas cultures. At a wider level the German & International Divisions also integrate and share projects and wider experiences, creating a unique educational opportunity – local context within a global vision.

 独特的教育整合: 我们在课程体系的设置上注重多元化整合,将中国教育与全球教育有机融合在一起,在严格实行德语和其他国际语言课程标准的同时,还注重加强中国文化与国外文化的沟通与交流,不断扩大学生们的国际视野。与此同时,德语部与国际部还会整合与分享更多项目与经验,在国际环境与中国文化相融合的教学情境下,创造更多的教育机会。
  • 化学老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 国际校长助理 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 销售顾问 五险一金 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 校医 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 地理教师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 生物老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 文案策划设计 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 小学数学老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 后勤司机 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 德语教师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 初中语文老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 物理教师 双休 五险一金 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 国际学校中学化学老师/地理老师 双休 五险一金 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 英语老师 五险一金 双休 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 语文教师 五险一金 双休 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 校长助理(英语) 五险一金 双休 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 涉外助理(英语) ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • IGCSE A-level课程教师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 小学语文数学教师(英语) ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 招生顾问(***) ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 市场专员 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 招生老师 五险一金 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 财务经理 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 生物老师(卫生与健康) ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 卫生健康课老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 历史教师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 财务总监 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 英语翻译 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 计算机教师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 平面设计+运营 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 德语翻译 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 体育老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 生物老师/地理老师/化学老师 五险一金 双休 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 美术老师 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 德语助理 五险一金 双休 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )
  • 后勤助理 五险一金 双休 ( 沈阳-铁西区 )

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