CJJ ------一心只做一件事!
    CJJ长茳服饰主营钮扣、拉链、金属制品等服装饰品的研发、制造与销售,并具有一站式全程辅料接单能力。制造工厂座落于经济、物流发达的长江三角州区域--浙江嘉兴。经过多年的不懈努力,公司相继和欧美、日韩及东南亚等区域品牌的客户合作。C&A﹑ZARA﹑STR﹑H&M﹑MARKS&SPENCER﹑≡SPRIT﹑LEBEK ﹑LONDON FOG﹑ MK﹑GERRY WEBER﹑KLEPPER﹑ONLY﹑LIZ CLALBORNE等等国际知名品牌,并在行业中率先通过IS09001/14001质量体系和OEKO-TEXSTANDAND 100绿色环保认证。产品一直以高品质、精加工、超价值、优服务而享誉各品牌合作商。公司在发展的同时也非常注重细化管理,以“品质--服务--效益--占有率--品牌”五项细化为基准点,重点发展人才战略及以人为本的人本管理理念,做到“以公司文化培育人、以事业凝聚人、以学习提高人、以业绩考核人”。在经营定位方面,公司将以“品质、品味、时尚、专业"为经营理念,不断融合“品质与时尚”的产品工艺,不断扩展精加工产品流程,让“质与美”变的更加贴切。


 ------Putting Whole Heart into One Thing
  CHANGJIANG ACCESSORIES mainly expertise、manufacture and sale buttons, zippers, metal products and other clothing accessories. Have the ability of one - stop full accessories for orders. Manufacturing factory is located in the economic, logistics developed Yangtze River Delta region, - Zhejiang Jiaxing. After years of unremitting efforts, the company has cooperation with regional brand customers in Europe and America, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. For example some international famous brands, namely C&A﹑ZARA﹑STR﹑H&M﹑MARKS&SPENCER﹑≡SPRIT﹑LEBEK ﹑LONDON FOG﹑ MK﹑GERRY WEBER﹑KLEPPER﹑ONLY﹑LIZ CLALBORNE and so on. And the company took the lead through the IS09001/14001 quality system and OEKO-TEXSTANDAND 100 environmental certification in the industry. The product has been a high-quality, precision machining, super value, excellent service and reputation of the brand partners. While the company also places great emphasis on the development of detailed management. To” quality - Service - benefit - share - brand" five refinement as the reference point, focusing on the development of human resources strategy and people-oriented management philosophy, we have a "corporate culture nurture people to the cause of cohesion to improve people learning to performance evaluation of people. " Positioning in the business, the company will be "quality, taste, fashion, professional" as business philosophy, continuous integration "quality and fashion" technology products, expanding product finishing processes, so that "the quality and beauty" becomes more appropriate.
 -- CJJ is a partner that you can trust, let’s cooperate and carve out a brighter future.
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