Would you like to work with the most important foreign business leaders in China?

Sino Matters does what nobody else can do. We bring spoken Mandarin to the CEOs of the largest foreign companies in China. They love it and we are now growing rapidly.

We are an innovative high-tech company founded in 2006 to research and overcome the difficulties associated with learning spoken Chinese. Our VIPMandarin product is a revolutionary verbal teaching method that makes learning to speak Mandarin time-efficient and fun. We have nice offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

The key attributes that we are looking for:

* High Intelligence with a ‘can do’ attitude
* Fluent in English and Standard Mandarin
* Prior experience working with foreign executives
* *** with great communications skills

You have dual responsibilities in our matrix organization:

* As a Mandarin teaching consultant (prior experience not required).

* As our internal expert on product development, IT, finance,
   marketing or HR, with a career path towards management.

Visit us at www. sino-matters.com
  • Mandarin coach对外汉语教师 [ 上海-静安区 ]
  • Educational Consultant(教育顾问) [ 上海-静安区 ]
  • Chinese teacher中文老师 [ 上海-静安区 ]
  • Mandarin coach对外汉语教师 [ 上海-静安区 ]
  • 公司地址:静安区常德路814弄1号楼南204室
    Jiang an district