Some careers grow faster than others.

About HSBC Technology China

We develop, implement and support software and IT services and processes that allow HSBC to remain at the forefront of high-quality banking systems.

We develop and maintain systems for HSBC’s global businesses, as well as support functions such as Finance, HR and Risk. We work across a range

of technology platforms and development disciplines, from mainframe to mobile technologies.

Our team includes software engineers and developers, architects, testers, IT and business analysts, consultants and programmer and project managers,

as well as team leadership and management roles. We employ people in almost all the countries and territories in which HSBC operates. Two locations of

HSBC Technology China, including Guangzhou and Xi’an, are world-class technology hubs with industrial delivery capability.

If you’re looking for a career that will give you plenty of opportunities to develop, join HSBC and your future will be rich with potential. Whether you want a

career that could take you to the top, or simply take you in an exciting new direction, HSBC offers opportunities, support and rewards that will take you further.

Our current openings include:

HSBC Global Technology Tech Salon-Guangzhou


Date: 21 Mar, 2019


Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

时间: 下午4:30 - 6:30

Location: 2F Grand Ball Room, Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou



HSBC Global Technology Tech Salon-Shanghai


Date:   Saturday 23 Mar 2019


Time:   12:30 pm-4:00 pm

时间: 中午12:30-下午4:00

Location: Renaissance shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

地点:上海豫园万丽酒店 3楼大宴会厅

HSBC Global Technology Tech Salon-Hangzhou


Date:   Sunday 24 Mar 2019


Time:   12:30 pm-4:00 pm

时间: 中午12:30-下午4:00

Location: JW Marriott Hotel-Hangzhou

地点:杭州JW万豪酒店三楼 宴会厅A

Please bring your resume to join salon.


  • Senior Software Engineer, AS400-0000APLA
  • Software Engineer,AS400-0000APLM
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000B3XC
  • Software Engineer-0000AQP1
  • Public Affair Officer -0000C81U
  • Business Analyst Officer - 0000C8DI
  • Assistant Business Manager II - 0000C8BZ
  • Consultant Specialist-0000BSS2
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000C64X
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000C642
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000C5YO
  • Software Engineer-0000C8BX
  • Sr Software Engineer-0000C65S
  • Consultant Specialist-0000C8DT
  • Senior Consultant Specialist-0000C8EQ
  • Consultant Specialist-0000C8DB
  • Consultant Specialist-0000C8EM
  • Software Engineering Team Leader-0000C8F0
  • Senior Business Analyst-0000C8F5
  • Senior Business Analyst-0000C8F8
  • Associate Project Manager-0000C8FB
  • Lead Architect-0000C8FE
  • Senior Software Engineer---0000AUZF
  • Senior Software Engineer---0000BT0Q
  • Lead Project Management Officer---0000BS6E
  • Software Engineering Team Leader---0000BV56
  • Senior Software Engineer---0000BT8E
  • Software Engineering Manager---0000BZ9R
  • Associate IT Security Manager---0000C0C9
  • Consultant Specialist---0000AYWT
  • Senior Software Engineer - 0000BRHT
  • Business Analyst-0000C0V5
  • Software Engineer Manager 0000C1IZ
  • Software Engineer-0000BWSP
  • Senior Software Engineer - 0000BXW6
  • Business Analyst - 0000BXLT
  • Senior Software Engineer - 0000BPPF
  • Senior Consultant Specialist, Development-0000BX7V
  • Senior Consultant Specialist-0000BX7S
  • Senior Technical Analyst (Req:0000BZV1)
  • Software Engineer-0000BR1W
  • Senior Consultant Specialist-0000BJRM
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000AYLX
  • Software Engineer---0000BIT9
  • Consultant Specialist---0000ARON
  • Senior Software Engineer---0000BJDC
  • Business Manager---0000B2RA
  • Senior Consultant Specialist---0000ATIN
  • Senior Consultant Specialist ---0000B9RE
  • Senior Engineering Manager---0000AU1V
  • Senior Software Engineer---0000BJY0
  • Senior Consultant Specialist-0000B9UW
  • Consultant Specialist-0000BHND
  • Senior Business Analyst-0000BEBA
  • Consultant Specialist-0000BENO
  • Consultant Specialist-0000BEUK
  • Consultant Specialist, Development-0000BIWH
  • Senior Consultant Specialist-0000B5B0
  • Consultant Specialist-0000BEUE
  • Senior Consultant Specialist-0000BCIP
  • Lead Business Analyst-0000ARFC
  • Software Engineering Manager-0000B9EP
  • Software Engineering Manager-0000AQ01
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000BA75
  • Associate Project Manager-0000B5QO
  • Senior Architect-0000BBGD
  • IT Lead Architect-0000APWY
  • Lead Project Management Officer-0000BGG9
  • Lead Consultant Specialist-0000AOIJ
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Senior Software Engineer-0000AQXU
  • Software Engineering Manager---0000BCWO
  • Associate Software Engineering Manager-0000ARKH
  • Software Engineer (AS400)
  • Senior Finance Assistant-0000B9H9
  • Helpdesk (Cantonese)-0000BUH8

  • HSBC provides ongoing training and development opportunities that provide a foundation to build your career within a fast-paced internet

    opal environment. Our global exposure to the best technology minds and business practices, whilst working at the forefront of cutting-edge

    end-to-end IT solutions, delivers one of the best learning environments to support your career development and progression.

    We also encourage a healthy work-life balance and support various sustainability initiatives. We have been recognized as winners of the

    “China Best Employer Award” and “Best Human Resource Management Companies”


    To apply for of any of these roles or to search for other opportunities, please click here.