Burberry is an iconic British brand synonymous with innovation and craftsmanship. Based in London under the direction of CCO Christopher Bailey, the brand has a global reputation for pioneering design and fabrics. Established in 1856 by British inventor Thomas Burberry, the brand has a history of innovation and discovery. Burberry has become defined by its authentic outerwear heritage and the iconic trench coat.Today, the brand operates over 450 stores, employs nearly 10,000 staff in 31 countries worldwide with 92 different nationalities. Burberry is a FTSE 100 company with annual sales of over £1.5billion.  The business is driven by design, marketing and retail-led strategies with a digital focus and a global reach. With a very clear vision and a distinctive set of values, Burberry consistently stays ahead of trends. By exploring unique brand innovations such as Burberry Acoustic, Art of the Trench and fully immersive runway shows, Burberry continues to connect heritage with cutting-edge technology and digital media. Burberry currently has over 14 million followers on Facebook, over 1.3 million followers on Twitter and has had more than 17 million video views on the Burberry YouTube channel.

Burberry是以创新和工艺为代名词的英国标志性品牌。总部位于伦敦,品牌因为其开拓性的设计和面料享誉全球。品牌由英国创始人Thomas Burberry在1856年成立,拥有一段充满创新和发现的历史。Burberry已经被定义为真正的外衣传承和标志性的风衣。如今,品牌已经经营了超过450家店铺,在全球31个国家92个地区拥有将近10,000名员工。Burberry是FTSE100 中的一员,年销售额超过15亿英镑。公司业务是通过数码科技和全球影响力由设计、市场营销和零售战略共同引导的。在一个非常清晰的愿景和独特价值的确立下,Burberry始终保持领先趋势的地位。通过探索独特的品牌创新如Burberry音乐,“风衣的艺术”网站和完全身临其境的时装秀,Burberry继续连接着传统与前沿技术和数字媒体。Burberry 目前在Facebook已经拥有超过140万的追随者,在Twitter拥有超过130万的追随者,在Burberry YouTube 频道中已经有超过1700万次的视频点击率。
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