EF Education is the world's largest private educational company that specializes in English training, educational tours and cultural exchange.

EF-Education First英孚教育集团是全球最大的私人英语教育机构,主要致力于英语培训、留学旅游以及英语文化交流等方面。

How we began:
EF Education was founded in 1965 by a young Swedish entrepreneur named Bertil Hult. Our first office was modest and our concept was straightforward: take Swedish high school students to England to learn English. It was a simple enough business idea on-site language and cultural studies but one with an enormous future.

1965年,一位名叫Bertil Hult的瑞典年轻人创办了EF 英孚教育。EF 英孚教育在简单的工作条件下,凭着一个简单的理念起步:将瑞典高中生送去英国学习英语。这是一个再简单不过的商业创意-实地学习英语和文化-但这一创意开创了前景无限广阔的未来。

Who we are:
Four decades later, EF Education is the world's largest private education company, with a group of fifteen subsidiaries and non-profit organizations centered around language learning, educational travel and degree programs. Today, EF has more than 35,000 employees, teachers and volunteers worldwide. With offices and schools in 54 countries, EF has turned the world into a global classroom.

40年后,EF 英孚教育已跃居为全球最大的私人英语教育机构,旗下有15个下属机构及非盈利性组织,主要致力于语言学习、留学旅游及学位课程等方面。如今,EF 英孚教育遍布全球54个国家,全球的英孚志愿者、英孚员工和英孚教师有超过35000多人,EF 英孚教育已经把世界变成了一个英语大课堂。

Where we are going:
EF's mission is more timely than ever. Never before has it been so important to understand diverse ways of life and other modes of expression. EF remains committed to breaking down barriers of language, culture, and geography that divide us, by providing the highest quality educational experiences - whether that's in another country, around the corner or online English study.

EF 英孚教育的未来应运而生。当今时代,人们前所未有的渴求了解异域的生活方式以及不通的语言表达。EF 英孚教育秉承打破人与人之间语言、文化和地域障碍的理念,使学员无论通过出国留学、国内英语学习还是在线英语学习都能体验最高质量的英语教学经历。