The story began in 1954, when Ada Masotti, a corset-maker (couturière) founded the iconic lingerie brand in Bologna. La Perla is one of few historical fashion houses with a woman founder and this year marks the 65th anniversary. The brand name was inspired by the elaborate way Masotti would present her products to customers - carefully packaging them away in red velvet boxes like those you would use for jewelry.
The name she chose - La Perla - was certainly full of promise. Starting out when stretch fabrics had yet to appear and expert tailoring was the only way to shape a garment, Ada Masotti laid the foundations for that attention to detail and love of perfection which are still central to La Perla's philosophy today.
La Perla has evolved to become one of the most well-known luxury underwear brands in the world. "La Perla has changed in the same way that women have changed over the years" says the brand's Creative Director, Alessandra Bertuzzi, but "functionality, technicality, craftsmanship the key aesthetics have been preserved and respected."
Since 2013, La Perla was owned by Italian businessman Silvio Scaglia via its Pacific Global Management holding company. In February 2018, it was acquired by German entrepreneur Lars Windhorst under his global investment firm, Tennor Holding B.V. His mission is to take La Perla to the next level and continue Silvio’s vision of creating a worldwide luxury brand, while keeping its production in Europe.
La Perla’s strategic focus is shaped around maximizing its business opportunities in each region, modernizing the core business whilst staying authentic and relevant to todays’ luxury consumers and continue being true to their brand DNA, iconic collections, and core values.
The aim is to become a luxury everyday lingerie/intimate apparel brand and consistently deliver new and innovative products with the intention to retain loyal customers and gain new ones.

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