Maci has been involved in the revolution of Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser since 2010, with a sister company of A-Light Technology Limited
and two registered brand called Arvidsson & Salking in European Union Countries and Northern American marketplace. Our headquarter is
located in Shenzhen, in the beautiful South Coast of mainland China, We offer a wide range of services and high quality products. Our products
are mostly developed in Sweden and United States to ensure highest possible quality, versatility and with innovative ideas.

Maci devotes itself to developing creative products with state of the art technologies. We have over 20 skilled & qualified engineers are
working in R&D department, Most of our products are self-developed with private molds. We have series of patents for utility model,
structures, function and the appearances. All our designers are certified and fully comply with EU/US electrical safety standards and local laws.
Maci enjoy a high reputation as one of the leading Aroma Diffuser producer and designer throughout the high end market from worldwide.

We want to learn more from our customers, so we can be the very best and offer them the best customer experience and service by our
professional knowledge.

You can choose the specific services that you need from our wide range of expertise. We offer Aromatherapy Planning, products accordingly
to customer’s requirements, update design, OEM production, ODM solutions and professional customization production for high end markets.
We are very well known to complete our projects with high efficiency and proficiency.

We have a professional and trained after-sale service team to keep following your business from the very beginning till the endless way, that
secures we are at your service 24/7 and your proposals and comments are very valuable to us, We encourage you to send inquiries or point
out the deficiency, that’s support us growing faster and stronger.

Your feedback also ensures that we maintain our “Attitude for Service” commitment to you and yours!
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