ESCHA which is a German company has stood for quality and highest competence in the field of connectivity and enclosure technology for more than 35 years. As the innovation leader, we periodically realize product novelties, which bring dynamics to the automation-components market. Our strength is to provide the wide variety and professional service. Based on familiar standard products, we modify the components according to our customers’ individual requirements with low costs. In December 2012, ESCHA has invested a new subsidiary in Shanghai for develop further in China. New factory will operate in 2014. Now we look forward to your joining.
We will offer better wage & welfare, if you are employed. We look forward to your attention and joining. Please visit us at
  • 质检员 [ 上海-奉贤区 ]
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  • 公司地址:上海市奉贤区奉浦工业区环城北路168号南厂房底层A区和B区