Established in 1976 in the United Kingdom by Major Philip Oulton, Halo started as an antiques store in Hale, England. Halo Antiques. Before that, the store had relied on a painted truck which rolled around between old estates picking up exquisite examples of craftsmanship to on sell to interested buyers.
After leaving school, the Major’s 2 sons went to work in the family business, evolving from the antiques trade, to a furniture business rooted in quality materials and craftsmanship. It turned out to be quite a success, and saw rapid growth.
With interest coming from overseas, in 2004, Timothy Oulton established the international arm of the business in Hong Kong, Halo Asia, to support expanding worldwide distribution. Gathering unique materials and craftsmanship skills, the workshops began the production of hand finished vintage inspired leathers, upholstery and cabinetry collections.
In 2010 Halo Touch was established, embarking on a journey to further evolve the unique hand finished vintage leather collection. In 2008 the Timothy Oulton collection was launched, appearing for the first time in stores in the United States, and spreading to Europe. In parallel, the global company, Halo Creative and Design has historically designed and produced a number of exclusive ranges for a handful of other brands including Kelly Hoppen and the Esquire Magazine and in August 2012 acquired the well-known French brand Bleu Nature, with a focus to expand distribution of this line worldwide. Halo also continues to work with designer Michael Yeung in the development of his eponymous collection, which continues to build distribution and attract interest and offer a unique point of difference to the core collections. In 2012, the Timothy Outlon brand opened its first stand-alone store in Dallas, Texas, signaling the beginning of a worldwide expansion that continues today. In 2013, Halo Est 1976 was launched in the UK. In 2014 Halo established a new channel network called Halo Projects. Today, Halo Creative and Design continues to actively design new product ranges and enter new categories, and is proud to count among its customers some of the world’s best brands and retailers.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Meet the Courageous Creatives.
We dare to be different. It brings us discovery, and we know only risks reaps the biggest rewards.
Some may find us unusual or odd, we embrace the mavericks because it enriches and strengthen us.

You only have one life, it better be awesome.
We see a world that becomes increasingly standardized and monotone. People are loosing their deeper connection with the real life.

We fight mediocrity everyday.
Trust is the bedrock of our courageous creativity. It allows us to get to intimate alignment while embracing diversity.
Only this aligned diversity fuels the passion and adversity needed to pursue and deliver the extraordinary.
Nurture trust
We are honest. We are open. We are generous.
Passionate contribution
We learn. We sacrifice. We celebrate.
Intimately aligned diversity
We are one. We create. We engage deeply.

We capture eyes, then hearts.
We create inspiring experiences anchored in spectacular interiors that connect deeply with people:
Our employees, our suppliers, and our customers.

Website: http://halocreativedesign.com/

Benifits Information:
Working Day: 5 days per week
Working Location: Gaoming, Foshan
Salary Month: 12 months
Bonus: Biannual bonus (base on KPI performance)
 1.Social Insurance Package - Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai & Zhongshan
 2.Housing Fund (8%)
 3.Commercial Medical Insurance
 4.Accommodation & Meals in Gaoming
 5.Free Weekly Shuttle Bus Gaoming-Guangzhou, Gaoming-Foshan
 6.Annual Travel
 7.Training Opportunity in high end furniture MNC
 8.Gift in special date: Birthday(celebration), Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn, etc.
 9.Kindergarten Program (Genglou, Gaoming): Free education opportunity in the specified kindergartens
 10.Opportunity to work in a multi-culture e***ironment
 11.Annual Leave
 12.Any other benefit prescribed in the law or provided by the company

Email Address: recruitment-hss@halocreativedesign.com

Website: http://halocreativedesign.com/
  • Order Management Executive订单管理(跟单) ( 佛山 )
  • Shipping Operator船务操作 ( 佛山 )
  • Supplier Quality Engineer质量工程师 ( 佛山 )
  • 外贸业务跟单 (Merchandiser) ( 佛山 )
  • Product Development Leader ( 佛山 )
  • 产品工程师(灯饰) ( 佛山 )
  • Photographer 摄影师 ( 佛山 )
  • Photographer 摄影师 ( 佛山 )
  • 会计助理(实习生) ( 佛山 )

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