Founded in 1997, Relox International Group (HK) Limited is a provider of integrated services for Multinational Corporates. Relox Group China is mainly focus on moving services, file records & goods storage management, indoor air purification, R.O water machine sales and leasing service, and etc. We have provided our services to all kind of companies with more than 9,000 staffs to under 50 staffs, our services are not only within Shanghai and its surrounding but also in other cities of China, such as, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and etc. The integrated seamless services enable our clients to gain the consecutive service in an efficient way with “Best-in Class” standards.

瑞驰国际集团(香港)有限公司集团成立于1997年,专业为跨国企业提供综合服务。瑞驰集团在中国的公司主要关注于搬迁服务、文档存储和货物仓储管理、室内空气净化、逆渗透直饮水机的销售和租赁等服务,我们提供过服务的各类公司的规模有员工超过1万名的也有少于50名的,涉及的办公面积从超过10万平方米至几百平方米,对我们来说客户没有大小。我们的服务不仅是在上海及其周边,而且包括中国的其他城市,例如北京、天津、深圳、广州、成都、武汉等,一体化的无缝服务使我们的客户能够获得一种有效的模式以及“the best class”的服务标准。