Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828, is the world’s leading conformity assessment and certification services provider, helping clients to manage risk and enhance their performance in quality, healthy and safety, environment and social responsibility (QHSE). With a presence in 140 countries through a network of 1400 offices and laboratories, it has more than 75,000 employees and a client base of more than 400,000.

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Service (BVCPS), a division of Bureau Veritas, provides an array of concept-to-consumer quality assurance and compliance service. With a global network of 75 locations in 40 countries and 7,000 staff in place, BVCPS offers comprehensive services that cover a wide range of industry sectors, including: Softlines /Textiles and Footwear; Restricted Substances/ Analytical Testing; REACH and RoHS Compliances; Hardlines including furniture, housewares and jewelry; Toys and Juvenile Products; Electrical and Electronic Products; Health, Beauty, Household Products and Food; Inspections, Audits and Assessments.

BVCPS DG Co., Ltd. was set up in Dec. 2010, located in Houjie, have more than 200 employees, and providing comprehensive testing and quality assurance service for electronic products and Analytical testing. For further information, please search our company website: www.bureauveritas.com

必维国际检验集团(Bureau Veritas)成立于1828年,总部位于法国巴黎,是世界权威的质量检定及认证机构,一直致力在质量、健康与安全、环境及社会责任等各方面,协助客户作有效的风险管理,全面提升其业务效益。我们的业务据点遍布140个国家,在全球设有1400个办事处及实验室,共有超过75,000名员工,服务网超过400,000家企业客户。

必维国际检验集团旗下的消费品服务事业部(Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Service , BVCPS)为客户提供一系列卓越的供应链质量保证服务和合规方案。BVCPS的业务据点有75个,遍布全球共40个国家,雇员数目达7,000人,为各大行业的客服提供全面的服务,包括:纺织品/成衣及鞋类产品;受限物质测试/化学分析测试;欧盟REACH法规及RoHS指令相关服务;轻工业产品,包括家具、家具用品及首饰;玩具及幼儿产品;健体、美容、家居产品及食品;验货及工作审核。


1. 五天八小时工作制;
2. 附加商业保险,包含门诊、重疾、意外险等;
3. 年底双薪,年终奖金按照绩效考核结果另外计算;
4. 全薪年假,第一年10天,第二年12天,第三年及以上15天;
5. 全年12天带薪病假。
Bureau Veritas

--2009 Top100 Best HRM Company
--2009 Top 7 Best HR Management Strategy
(with Shell, AXA-minmetal Assurance, IBM, Neusoft, Vanke, Parker and ABB )

Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a world leading conformity assessment and certification services provider in the fields of quality, health, safety, environment (QHSE) and social responsibility specialised in the inspection, analysis, audit, and certification of products, infrastructure (buildings, industrial sites, equipment, ships, etc.) and management systems in relation to regulatory or voluntary frameworks.

Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of over 900 offices and laboratories. It has more than 40,000 employees and a client base of more than 370,000 companies.

In China, Bureau Veritas has over 4,500 employees and serves more than 7,000 clients from 55 offices and laboratories in nearly 40 locations. And its business operations are under 4 business divisions:

Industry & Facilities,
Consumer Products Services,
Government Services & International Trade.

The Marine Division provides expertise services in ship classification and related services such as certification, training and consultancy. The services cover the entire ship's life cycle, from design stage through to the surveys of vessels in operation, and their decommissioning. By partnering with our clients, we bring value to ship-owners, shipbuilders, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, insurers, brokers and Flag States.

The Industry & Facilities Division serves more than 2,000 clients with a large scope of services such as certification, inspection, construction project management, and technical consulting.For example we inspected the turbines and generators for the Three Gorges Dam project, we certify off-shore and on-shore oil & gas facilities for CNOOC, we control construction quality for Air Bus, we audit and deliver ISO 14000 certification for all Sony sites across the world, we carry out Risk Based Inspection for more than 30 refineries of SINOPEC and CNPC.

The Consumer Products Services Division provides independent, impartial and professional services to our clients. Our services are organized by product lines: Testing and Inspection for Toys and Hard lines; Testing and Inspection for Textile products; Certification, Testing and Inspection for Electrical and Electronic Products (LCIE); Social Accountability Audit & Factory Assessment.

The Government Services & International Trade division specialized in trade facilitation, import valuation and inspection of goods, in order to provide our clients with an effective safety and quality control, as well as compliance with trade regulations.

** For more company information, please visit: www.bureauveritas.cn
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To cope with our rapid business growth in China, we are looking for motivated high caliber talents to join us.

We will not only offer you with competitive remuneration package but also with good career development opportunities


 Lena Liang
  • 结果审核工程师 Result Review Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 有机测试高级工程师 Senior Organic Testing Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 国际认证专员 IA Specialist [ 东莞 ]
  • 光伏逆变器测试工程师 PV Inverter Testing Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 测试工程师 [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 行政专员 Admin Specliast [ 深圳-宝安区 ]
  • 销售助理 Sales Assistant [ 东莞 ]
  • 销售助理 Sales Assistant [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 总经理助理 Assistant to General Manager [ 东莞 ]
  • 物理测试主管 Physical Testing Supervisor [ 东莞 ]
  • Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist [ 上海-松江区 ]
  • Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist [ 上海-松江区 ]
  • 安规实验室经理 Safety Manager [ 东莞 ]
  • 销售经理 Technical Sales Manager [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 办公室主任 Branch Officer [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • Coordinator [ 东莞 ]
  • 高级质量经理 QA Senior Manager [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 安规实验室经理 Safety Manager [ 深圳-宝安区 ]
  • 电磁兼容项目工程师 EMC Project Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • Admin Officer [ 东莞 ]
  • FTA 测试工程师 [ 上海-松江区 ]
  • OTA 测试工程师 [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 汽车销售主任(Auto Sales Executive) [ 广州 ]
  • 客服专员 Customer Service Specialist [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 化学销售代表 Chemical Sales Executive [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 汽车电磁兼容测试工程师 EMC Testing Engineer-Auto [ 广州 ]
  • 高级会计 Senior Accountant [ 深圳 ]
  • 初级财务分析员 Junior Business Analyst [ 东莞 ]
  • 销售助理 Sales Assistant [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 报告工程师 Reporting Engineer [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • QA Engineer [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 化学测试分配工程师 Chemical Test Assign Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 射频工程师 RF Engineer [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 电磁兼容测试工程师 EMC Testing Engineer [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 英文跟单 [ 东莞 ]
  • 物理测试工程师 Physical Testing Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 化学分板工程师 Chemical Break Down Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 电子电器销售主任 E&E Sales Excutive [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 玩具客服专员Toy Customer Service Specialist [ 东莞 ]
  • 报告文员 Reporting Clerk [ 东莞 ]
  • 电磁兼容测试工程师 EMC Testing Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 文员 Clerk [ 东莞 ]
  • 销售代表 Sales Executive [ 东莞 ]
  • 安规项目工程师 Safety Project Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 移动通讯测试业务主任 Mobile Sales Executive [ 深圳-南山区 ]
  • 化学测试销售代表 Chemical Sales Executive [ 东莞 ]
  • 化学测试工程师 Chemical Testing Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 电子电器测试销售主任 E&E Sales Executive [ 东莞 ]
  • 安规测试工程师 Safety Testing Engineer [ 东莞 ]
  • 客服专员 Customer Service Specialist [ 东莞 ]
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