JSJ Corporation, based in Grand Haven, Michigan USA, is a privately held corporation that actively designs, develops, markets, and brands a group of durable goods and services throughout the world.
     Since our founding in 1919, the JSJ Corporation story has been about partnerships. Our business started as a partnership between the entrepreneurial Jacobson, Johnson and Sherwood families.
     Today, second and third generations of our founding families manage JSJ Corporation, working together as partners in a business that now generates annual sales in excess of $322 million.
     JSJ employs more than 1,800 people who are proud to provide products and services to companies like Audi, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GE Healthcare, Harley Davidson, Herman Miller, Lockheed Martin and X-Rite.
     JSJ China is a wholly-owned division of JSJ Corporation. JSJ China headquarter located in Tianjin founded in 1994 and set up an office in Shanghai. The main functions and businesses is to invest in the branch companies in China and integrated management on behalf of JSJ Corporation.
     We are now looking for experienced candidates joining our ambitious team and being fully committed to provide a strong contribution to our long-term business success. We are offering the following, challenging and very attractive position.


公司提供具有竞争力的福利待遇/培训和良好的职业前景. 如果您或朋友想申请我公司的空缺职位,请将中英文简历,身份证复印件, 期望薪资及详细的通讯方式通过电子邮件的方式寄往本公司(请注明应聘职位)。

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