Niccolo Chongqing

Niccolo is a collection of contemporary urban chic hotels with the most desirable, highly prized addresses. At heart, we are discoverers and re-discoverers of luxury experiences, styles and tastes. While our hotels are modern sophisticated spaces, we also value the timeless pleasures of impeccable hospitality from another golden era in travel. Underpinning everything we do is the desire to make life effortlessly luxurious.




We take our name from 13th Century explorer and trader Niccolò Polo (father of Marco) whose epic 20-year adventures opened China to the world. His life odyssey not only connected East to West, but also brought ancient and modern worlds together, opening trade between continents and dialogue between many different cultures. A discoverer, business leader, entrepreneur and global ambassador, Niccolò Polo and his remarkable exploits epitomise our brand spirit.


「尼依格罗」命名灵感源自足迹遍及全球的13世纪传奇探险家及商人Niccolò Polo(马哥孛罗之父),他长达20年的冒险之旅开启了中国之门。他的惊世旅程不仅连接东西方,把古代和现代世界联系起来,并且打开了欧亚大陆之间的贸易通道,以及多個不同文化的对话。他是一位探险家、商界领袖、企业家及全球大使,Niccolò Polo与他的非凡功绩代表了我们的品牌精神。



Niccolo is inspired by the undeniably seductive appeal of the luxury retail experience. With its exquisite merchandise and beautifully crafted, ever-changing spaces, luxury retail is all about creating irresistible desire. Intoxicating and gloriously indulgent, it is the ultimate aphrodisiac for the senses. The experience overwhelms, excites and delights in equal measure.




Niccolo Chongqing features 252 spacious, chic and elegant guestrooms including 21 suites. All rooms meld elements of contemporary fashion with style. The use of natural daylight, subtle and elegant earth tones combined with natural textiles and leathers accentuate the intricate detail and beauty of the interior design. The hotel also provides a fitness centre that includes a wellness spa with five treatment rooms, a 20-metre swimming pool and a spacious gym on the 52nd floor.

Niccolo Chongqing offers a variety of dining experiences including Niccolo Kitchen, The Sky Bar and The Tea Lounge, taking guests on a journey of culinary discovery with its signature cuisines as well as classic and modern cocktails. With eight function rooms the spacious Niccolo Ballroom, the stunning Conservatory on the 61st floor and outside ceremonial garden, Niccolo Chongqing will become the city’s epicentre for conferences, events, weddings and celebrations.



Niccolo Chongqing, the city’s first sky hotel, is conveniently located in Jiangbeizui, Chongqing’s new Central Business District, next to the famous Chongqing Grand Theatre. Guests will enjoy spectacular 360-degree views of the city including the world-famous Chaotian Gate or “Heavenly Gate” – the dramatic junction of the Yangtze and Jialing River. The green water from Jialing River mingles with the water from the Yangtze, creating a unique and picturesque sight. The world’s longest arch bridge, the Chaotianmen Bridge, is also visible from the hotel. Niccolo Chongqing is the perfect location for business and leisure travellers due to its close proximity to these attractions and many more.

重庆尼依格罗为城中首间天际酒店,位于重庆市新中央商务区—江北嘴,邻近著名的重庆大剧院。客人可以360度观赏重庆市的醉人景致,包括位于长江和嘉陵江交界,世界著名的朝天门,又名“天门” ,嘉陵江湖水和长江的河水交织在一起,营造出独特和美丽如画的景象。客人亦可从酒店观赏到世界最长的拱桥 — 朝天门长江大桥。重庆尼依格罗酒店必定是商务和休闲旅客的首选。

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