About Smith & Associates

Founded in 1984, Smith & Associates is a global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components and a trusted provider of efficiency-enhancing supply chain services to electronics and high-tech manufacturers. Smith’s investment in advanced in-house labs, a highly trained professional team, and strategically located global support centers offers our partners complete sourcing, inventory management solutions, cost-saving program, and more.

A privately held company, Smith & Associates employs more than 400 people worldwide, with over $500 million in sales annually. Smith's regional hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam are ISO-certified. In addition, sales and purchasing offices are located in Austin, Silicon Valley, Guadalajara, New York, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul, Taipei, Penang, and Bangalore. For more information, please visit http://www.smithweb.com/.

关于Smith & Associates
Smith & Associates于1984年在休斯顿成立,是全球领先的电子元器件独立分销商,亦为高科技厂商提供可靠、高效的供应链服务。Smith以先进的设施设备、训练有素的专业团队和强大的全球业务网络等资源,为合作伙伴提供物料采购、库存管理和降低成本等解决方案。

作为一家私营企业,Smith & Associates 在全球拥有超过400名员工,平均年营收超过5亿美元。其位于休斯顿,香港和阿姆斯特丹的区域运营中心皆通过ISO认证。另外,Smith在奥斯汀,硅谷,瓜达拉哈拉,纽约,上海,深圳,首尔,台北,槟城和班加罗尔都设有销售与采购办事处。如欲了解更多详情,请查阅我们的网站http://www.smithweb.com/。
+ Sales Assistant 销售助理 - 上海办公室 [ 上海-虹口区 ] + 贸易分析专员Trading Analyst (PPV Team - Asia) [ 深圳-福田区 ]
+ Business Development Director- Asia [ 深圳-福田区 ] + Sales Manager销售经理 - 上海办公室 [ 上海-虹口区 ]
+ Sales Assistant 销售助理 [ 深圳-福田区 ] + Marketing Analyst - Asia [ 深圳-福田区 ]
+ Senior Sales Representative 资深销售 [ 深圳-福田区 ]