OTC 服务理念:

OTC Company, was founded in 1938, under the European Association for Quality Standards Committee members involved in the development, modification of the third-party quality standards for public agencies, its 17 co-operation agencies Laboratory under European Union Bulletin locate in the European continent.
OTC China Technology Center, the representative office of French OTC in China, is the lawful exercise of inspection, identification, testing and certification services joint venture.
OTC Company services for domestic and international import and export businesses companies and international agencies. Its services range covers in the field of building materials, machinery products, electronic appliances, medical products, mining, petrochemical products, industrial products and consumer goods inspection, identification, testing, trade security services and international certification services. In recent years, the company's business scope has expanded to the environment, automotive, life sciences and energy products.

Service Concept:
Provide quality services for traders in the world and help customers to open trade barriers, to establish long-term good relations of cooperation.
Professional technical team.
Quick service:
Humane attitude;
Local on-stop service.

Company Culture:
Attention customer:Customer First, provides customers with the most suitable solution
Attention Society:As the third-party laboratories, provides fair, credible inspection and certification services.
Attention employee:People Oriented
Fair, Health, Safety, Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility which are our beliefs and requirements.
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