SS Innovations China Co., Ltd is developing a latest generation modular, lightweight, intelligent and cost effective Medical/Surgical Robotic System.?The company engaged in the field of development of medical technologies that would offer patients the most advanced minimally invasive surgical appropriate in a cost effective way by utilizing robotic assistance.?The company is in the late stage of R&D and has core team of engineers and world renowned Robotic Experts guiding the development.

杭州术创机器人有限公司SS Innovations正在开发最新一代模块化,轻量,智能且具成本效益的医疗外科机器人系统。 该公司从事医疗技术开发领域,将通过利用机器人辅助系统 ,以性价比极高的方式为患者提供最先进的微创外科手术。 该公司处于研发的后期阶段,拥有来自全球的核心团队工程师和世界知名的机器人外科手术专家指导开发。

The company has its headquarter in Hangzhou, China.?The company has already finished the development of Omni 3D HD, a 3 D display system for Robotic operating rooms. Robotic Surgery will be the future for treatment of many illnesses. The company shall have Single and Multi Arm Robotic System that would offer almost all surgical applications in various specialties while offering new Single Arm diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

公司总部位于中国杭州。?该公司已经完成了Omni 3D HD的开发,该产品是用于机器人手术中的三维高清显示的软件系统。 机器人手术将是治疗许多疾病的未来手术方式。 公司将拥有单臂和多臂机器人系统,将提供各种专业的几乎所有外科科室的手术,同时提供新的单臂机器人系统在诊断和治疗方面的临床应用。

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