Dynamic started life in 1972 as a small company specialising in the design and manufacture of speed controls for industrial forklift trucks and personnel carriers.

1981 saw controllers for powered wheelchairs added to the product portfolio and seven years later Dynamic launched the \"DM\" - the World\'s first powerchair controller based on the new microprocessor technology. Internationally acknowledged as the first in a new generation of controllers, the DM\'s success firmly established Dynamic as the world leader in the specialised niche market of controls for mobility products.

The spectacular growth that began with DM led to equally innovative new generations of power chair and mobility scooter controllers, as well as diversification into contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies in the medical and general electronics markets.

Dynamic Controls is the world leading manufacturer of electronic controls for power wheelchairs and scooters.

Certified to ISO 13485. Dynamic goes above and beyond industry standard expections to ensure customer receive the best products possible.

With offices in the United Kingdom, the USA, Asia and New Zealand,
Dynamic expertise and service is available wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Quality Engineer质量工程师 [ 苏州 ]
  • SMT工艺设备工程师 [ 苏州 ]
  • Test Engineer 测试工程师 [ 苏州 ]