Iergolife Hong Kong Limited is a trading company specialized in ergonomic high end furniture imported from Europe. Company main product is electrical height adjustable table, design in Scandinavian country, originally imported from Scandinavia. Currently products are sold to Asian countries and China mainland, and widely used in office, home, school etc fields.

Iergolife China mainland company - Harbin Iergolife Co., Ltd, is a company working for expanding sales market in China mainland.

Company product concept is to provide total solution for healthy and efficiency office and study environment with high product quality, to more and more end-users.

宜康香港有限公司是一年家专注人体工学家具的贸易公司,主营欧洲高端进口家具. 公司主要产品人体工学电动升降桌,为北欧设计,原装进口. 目前公司产品主要销往中国大陆及亚洲市场. 产品广泛用于办公,家用,学校等广泛领域.

宜康香港有限公司在大陆的公司(HARBIN IERGOLIFE CO., LTD) 哈尔滨艾尔莱贸易有限公司主要业务是开拓国内市场.

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