Sonashi was established in 1992 in Hong Kong., and has since become an industry leader for Consumer Electronics. Our products are sold in over 30

countries worldwide at over 4000 leading retail outlets. We create innovative and differentiated consumer electronics that stand out in the marketplace. Our range of home appliances, personal care products, and

lighting solutions has made life easier and more comfortable for millions of our valued consumers.

Our Guangzhou office is looking for enthusiastic new candidates to join our team. Interested parties please submit full resume in English & Chinese.

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Sonashi成立于1992年在香港,并已成为消费电子行业的领导者。 我们的产品销往全球超过30个国家超过4000个主要零售店。

我们在市场有创造出新颖的和与众不同的新款电子产品。 我们的家用电器,个人护理产品和照明产品让很多客户生活变得更方便和舒适。

我们的广州办事处正在寻找热切寻找新力量加入我们的团队。 有意者请提交中英文简历。




公司电话:+86 20 85202184