Independent, innovative, established on the major markets, Plastic Omnium is world leader in its two business lines: automotive and environment.
With over 33,000 employees, 128 factories and 23 R&D centers in 31 countries, Plastic Omnium is an independent French company, listed on the Paris stock exchange, with a 75 billion proforma sales in 2016.
The Auto Inergy Division is the world’s leading manufacturer of blow-molded polyethylene fuel systems. Combining integrated safety and emissions-control, fuel systems must serve a number of functions: refueling, storage, ventilation, engine supply and fuel level gauge systems.
Metal fuel tanks still account for 23% of the global market, offering substantial growth potential for the replacement of metal with plastic, particularly for safety and weight reason.
The Auto Inergy division has more than 7,000 employees at 35 industrial sites in 19 countries, and in 2016 provided 20 million fuel systems for the main automobile manufacturers.
英瑞杰汽车系统事业部是世界领先的吹塑聚乙烯燃料系统制造商。 综合安全和排放控制,燃油系统必须具备多种功能:加油,储存,通风,发动机供应和燃油液位计系统。