MSC history(
MSC Software Corporation was formed in 1963 under the name MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC), with employees over 1,350 professionals in 21 countries. The company developed its first structural analysis software called SADSAM (Structural Analysis by Digital Simulation of Analog Methods) at that time, and was deeply involved in the early efforts of the aerospace industry to improve early finite element analysis technology.

Over our rich history, MSC has developed or acquired many other well-known CAE applications including Patran, Adams, Marc, Dytran, Fatigue, SimXpert, SimDesigner, SimManager, Easy5, Sinda, and Actran. We are committed to the continued development of new CAE technology that integrates disciplines and technologies from standalone CAE tools into unified multi-discipline solvers and user environments. These “next generation” products enable engineers to improve the reliability and accuracy of their virtual prototypes by including multi-physics and multi-discipline interactions.

MSC is also the CAE industry’s leader in extending simulation to the engineering enterprise. Our customers recognize the need to scale the benefits of virtual prototyping and testing from pockets of experts to mainstream engineering and product development, and MSC offers the only Simulation Data and Process Management platform in the world that has been successfully deployed in industries including automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, and more.

Who are we
·         One of the 10 original software companies 
·         The Company has approximately 1350 employees in 21 countries with 400 engineers and researchers across R&D centers in 7 countries
·         2 R&D centers in China, Wuhan and Hangzhou 

·         U.S. patents filed in the last 7 years 
Award winning products 

Our customers who use our software to design innovative products

What do we do
·         Simulation Driven Design to minimize the number of physical test cycles without having to sacrifice completeness or quality of results 

Professional and fun environment in MSC China R&D



•          外企的工作环境,良好的工作氛围,人际关系简单:为员工提供乒乓球台,桌上足球等娱乐设施供工作之余放松;定期为大家在休息区提供咖啡,茶点等
•         弹性工作,不打卡,工作时间合理安排;
•         外企稳定良好的福利:15薪;入职后享有国家规定的五险一金,公积金比例12%。公司额外给员工缴纳补充医疗险,门诊及住院100%报销 ,10万元人身意外险,一年300探亲补助;另有给员工子女买补充医疗保险,门诊住院医疗50%报销;入职第一年即享有9天带薪年假,工龄增加一年,年假相应增加一天,15天封顶;员工享有法定节假日福利,年度的活动经费,另外公司会组织年度健康体检;

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