Ansell Xiamen Limited, renamed from Microgard Xiamen Limited on 13th August, 2015. Ansell Limited had acquired Microgard Limited and her wholly owned subsidiary, Microgard Xiamen Limited and her branch, Microgard (Xiamen) Safety Limited on 1st May, 2015. Ansell Limited is a 112-year old global leader of protection solutions. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical protective clothing with a strong track record of introducing new technology and designs to the market to improve wearer protection and comfort. We have sales in over 75 countries and a world class manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China. Rapidly growing for over 13 years in China we hire more than 700 people currently. We look forward to your joining us to make us “safer”. For more information please visit and
安思尔(厦门)防护用品有限公司,2015年8月13日由麦克罗加(厦门)防护用品有限公司更名而成。2015年5月1日Ansell Limited成功收购Microgard Limited连同其在厦门的全资子公司:麦克罗加(厦门)防护用品有限公司及其下属公司厦门微护佳防护用品有限公司。Ansell Limited是一家全球性的有着112年历时的安全防护解决方案的领导者。Ansell Microgard作为领先的化学防护服的生产商和提供商,在引入新技术和新设计进入市场方面有着骄人的业绩记录,以提高穿戴者的安全和舒适。我们的客户遍布75个国家和地区并在中国厦门拥有一个具有世界标准的厂房。在中国快速发展了13年,我们目前在职员工超过700名。期待您的加入,让我们变得更“安全”。了解更多信息请登陆 和
  • IE/工业工程师 [ 厦门 ]
  • 针车机修(缝纫机修) [ 厦门 ]
  • 智能生产线长(组长,车间主任,服装) [ 厦门 ]
  • FQC-成品检验员 [ 厦门 ]
  • 裁剪工 [ 厦门 ]
  • HR Specialist 人事专员(1年合同期) [ 厦门 ]
  • Sales Executive, Industrial, Nanjing [ 南京 ]
  • Marketing Manager, Healthcare (Base in Shanghai) [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
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