Shanghai Asian Development Prosperous Import & Export Co., Ltd was established in 2004 and its annual volume exceeds 200 million USD. The company was awarded the title of “Branded Service Enterprise in Shanghai”, “Best Charming Service Provider”, and is the executive member of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export.

The Company has Joint Ventures (JVs) in Italy, Australia,Japan and Hong Kong, China. Its global service network is comprised of these JVs along with more than 70 branches of ADP Group in countries including China, the United States, Canada and Singapore.

With a pool of over 100 professionals, a far-reaching network, and diverse functional platforms, the company is able to transcend traditional international trade models and provide supply chain management services, which successfully integrate the following nine sectors: Consulting, International Business, Foreign Trade Service, Financing, Sourcing, Quality Control, Insurance, Logistics and Distribution Channel Assistance. To address the clients’ specific needs, the Company provides and implements the design, integration, optimization, and reconfiguration of commercial chain solutions.

Shanghai Asian Development Prosperous Import & Export Co., Ltd is committed to promoting the facility, reliability, and transparency of international trade, with the goal of establishing itself as an international commercial chain service provider.
  • 人事行政助理 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 货代操作(进口操作) ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 货代操作(外贸出口) ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 出口贸易操作 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 进口操作 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 纸浆销售 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 纸浆/造纸厂厂长 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 纸浆项目经理 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 外贸跟单主管 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 法务专员 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 外贸综合服务(销售) ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 外贸代理(销售) ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 市场专员 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 资深外贸员/外贸部经理 ( 上海-黄浦区 )
  • 公司地址:黄浦区延安东路45号工商联大厦803室