CPD was established in 1978 and our philosophy is based on constantly upgrading our technology and customer service. We provide professional support and the highest quality construction materials worldwide. After decades of testing and marketing, CPD has developed into a corporation that not only provides specialty construction products but also provides a consulting service. We have won the trust and respect of our clients in a very competitive market environment.

We manufacture and ship to over 300 distributors with more than 100 construction products. Countries include Canada, USA, Europe, South America, Central America, The Middle East and Asia.

Our specialty products consist of polymer based patching compounds, various cement based grouts, cement based concrete floor hardeners plain and colored. Lithium and sodium silicate concrete densifiers, water and solvent based curing and sealing compounds for concrete. Siloxane and silane based concrete water repellents. Epoxy coatings for high chemical and wear resistance. Epoxy grouts for rail on concrete and large manufacturing equipment and various adhesives for bonding concrete to concrete and steel.
We rely on our advanced technology and research to provide high quality Eco friendly products to our growing customer base.
CPD invested in their first subsidiary "SHANGHAI CPD CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS CO., LTD." in 2003.
Since establishing CPD in Shanghai, we have over the last ten years, strived to provide our Asian customers Eco friendly products, competitive pricing and complete customer support. We are always available for onsite support and continued back up when required.

Our professional staff are very well trained in the use of all the products we manufacture and will only recommend what is in the best interest of our customers.




  “创新技术 引领潮流”是CPD的精神,也是CPD成功的原因。CPD 坚持产品专业化和品种多元化原则是领先行业潮流的基础。

  CPD 并非是全球规模大的,但是具竞争力的;

  CPD 并非是全球知名的,但是其产品技术是专业的;

  CPD 并非是全球历史悠久的,但是具活力和对市场反应迅速的。

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