Introduction of Trafigura China
Trafigura Investment China (TIC) is one of the fastest growing trading companies in China and is a major regional hub for Trafigura’s operations in Asia. Trafigura China head office is located in International Financial Center of Lujiazui in Shanghai, China.
As one of the world’s leading independent physical commodity trading and logistics houses, we buy and sell commodities globally. Our product coverage in China is comprehensive. We trade non-ferrous concentrates, refined metals, non-ferrous scrap, oil and petroleum products and bulk commodities such as coal and iron ore. With eight offices in China, we support our customers by providing services beyond our core business of supplying commodities, including transportation, warehousing storage, as well as trade finance and risk management.
TIC maintains a strong understanding of all aspects of China market and is quick and responsive in meeting customer needs, and providing customized solutions. We believe in building strong win win partnerships with our customers and are also very committed to developing local talent. With our international working culture and platform, our local employees are assured of exciting career opportunities.
In TIC, our employees acquire professional knowledge of the commodity industry and can choose careers in commercial and supporting functions including Trading, Traffic Operations, Risk Management, Trade Finance, Finance Operation and Accounting. You will grow your professional skills, gain valuable new experience or develop as managers and leaders. Outstanding employees have also have opportunities to further their careers in our international offices.
托克投资(中国)有限公司 (TIC) 是中国发展最快的贸易公司之一,也是托克在亚洲运营的一个重要区域枢纽。托克的中国办公室坐落于陆家嘴金融区的国际金融中心大楼,我们处在世界及中国经济的最中心,积极参与国际间的贸易及金融服务。
托克作为一家以现货贸易为主的公司,我们始终致力于大宗商品的采购和销售。我们的产品包括有色金属(精矿、金属和废料)、黑色金属(铁矿石和煤炭)以及石油产品和石化产品。我们在中国拥有 8 个办事处,除了大宗商品供应这一核心业务以外,还提供包括物流运输、仓储、贸易融资及风险管理这些进一步的服务,为我们的客户提供支持及创造价值。