E&JOY is a fast-fashion brand that seeks to be unique. Our customer is the young Chinese woman – curious about fashion and a spontaneous shopper. Our target is still trying to find her look, so we offer a wide range of new styles every week; yet our prices never break the bank. We’ve also equipped our our stores with digital experiences that help her explore different versions of herself. Our shopper is young, fun and connected. She’s interested in trying new things and explore the different versions of herself. We have undergone extensive research to identify two segments of E&JOY shoppers: the Recognize Me woman, who is looking to be different with her outfits, expressing herself in different ways; and the Care For Me woman, who is looking to be casual and comfortable in her environment and her clothing. We ensure that we are always in line with our two segments by staying true to our four brand values. We pride ourselves on our product, which is URBAN & STREET & POP & DETAILED & INTERNATIONAL. While E&JOY takes inspiration from key catwalk trends every season, it selects only looks that suit the Asia market, making it truly international. This sets E&JOY apart from many fast fashion brands – according to research, Chinese women prefer styles adapted to the Asian physique, rather than purely Western (European/American).
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  • Product Manager - E&JOY ( 上海-浦东新区 )
  • Fashion Designer - E&JOY ( 上海-浦东新区 )
  • E&JOY Senior Designer(Design Supervisor) ( 上海-浦东新区 )
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