RAB照明公司成立于1946年,位于美国新泽西州,是美国领先的室外照明灯具生产制造商。我们的灯具产品涵盖HID, CFL, LED和移动探测感应器。RAB的专业室外灯具销售网络通过专业的电器分销商遍布全美。具体请查看我们的网站 www.rabweb.com。
RAB Lighting, located in Northvale, New Jersey is a leading manufacturer of professional grade energy conservation motion sensors and outdoor lighting equipment. Founded in 1946, RAB Lighting Inc has a nation wide reputation for outstanding quality products.

With a modern 6 acre corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Northvale New Jersey as well as supply locations in China, Taiwan and Malaysia, RAB serves a growing market. Distribution is direct from the factory as well as through 29 warehouses nationwide.

For more information, please visit www.rabweb.com. We are now looking for a highly self motivated individual to coordinate with our vendors in China to complete our quality assurance system
  • 质量工程师(美资企业 待遇优厚) ( 宁波-鄞州区 )
  • 质量电子工程师(美资企业) ( 深圳-龙岗区 )
  • quality engineer ( 赣州 )
  • 机械工程师 ( 宁波-鄞州区 )
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