Coperion is the worldwide market and technology leader in Compounding & Extrusion, Materials Handling and Services – as well as being a partner for global corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises in the plastics, chemical, food and aluminium industries.

It includes the following 3 competence centers :
- Compounding and Extrusion
- Material Handling
- Global Service

With Comprehensive and world –wide process engineer expertise, Coperion offers its customers in the plastics, chemicals and food industries both individual solution and integrated complete solutions.
Unique competence and the operating basis, installed word – wide, enable Coperion to supply its customers with innovative products tailored to their needs.

On the basis of many years of experience, Coperion is in a position to provide individual support to SMEs and to customers operating on a global footing.

“Confidence through Partnership” – our organization and performance delivery are aimed at justifying the trust our customer have in us at all times and in developing a long term partnership together with our customers.

Coperion (***jing) Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 2004, covers the areas of
- producing, sales of compounding extruders
- service of compounding extruders

Any capable, innovative, and responsible candidate is welcome to join Coperion ***jing and we will provide good package of compensation and benefits and broad career development area for successful candidate.

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- 配混和挤出
- 物料处理
- 全球化的服务

由于拥有全面的工艺工程专业知识, 科倍隆可以在塑料, 化工以及食品领域提供客户个性化或全面的解决方案。 优秀的竞争能力以及全球范围的运行机构允许科倍隆提供客户所需要的创新产品。基于多年的经验, 科倍隆可以给中小型以及全球性客户以个性化支持. "信心源自合作" – 我们的目标是让客户时刻信任我们并在彼此间发展合作关系.


- 制造并销售专业的双螺杆挤出机
- 组织实施技术服务


Coperion (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd, is responsible for producing, sales, providing service of twin screw extruder and employs over 300 staff.

Coperion Nanjing will provide well being of compensation and benefits and broad career development area for successful candidate.

  • Maintenance Engineer/维修工程师 [ 南京 ]
  • Manufacturing Manager [ 南京 ]
  • Process Engineer/工艺工程师(高分子材料方向) [ 南京 ]
  • Process Engineer/工艺工程师(高分子材料相关专业) [ 南京 ]
  • Gearbox Service Engineer/齿轮箱服务工程师 [ 南京 ]
  • 电气维修技术员 [ 南京 ]
  • ZSK Service Engineer_Electrical [ 广州-天河区 ]
  • Lab Extruder Operator/实验室挤出机操作员 [ 南京 ]
  • ZSK Sales Engineer [ 南京 ]
  • Mechanical Design Engineer [ 南京 ]
  • Mechanical Service Engineer/机械服务工程师 [ 南京 ]
  • 高级电气服务工程师/Senior Electrical Service Engineer [ 南京 ]

  • 联系方式
    No.1296,Jiyin Avenue,Jiangning