Established in 2005, the Smartbill group manages the communications spend of businesses and governments. Smartbill's software tools give real-time visibility of cost and usage. Smartbill's validation engine audits and validates all usage events. Smartbill's analytics services report objectively on best possible plans to suit the usage. Smartbill's management services outsource enterprises' comms spend to improve efficiency, savings and value.
Smartbill improves the efficiency of an organisation's communications spend. Organisations use Smartbill's console software to monitor their comms usage in near real-time. Organisations use Smartbill's line-by-line automated bill validation and analysis to ensure the optimal choice of plans and carriers. Organisations use Smartbill's outsourced management services to control all aspects of their comms spend, simply and accurately.

Our customers include corporations and governments in the East Asia and Pacific region.

Smartbill is headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Hangzhou and Guangzhou.
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  • 海外销售助理--客户服务支持 ( 杭州-滨江区 )
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  • 数据分析师 (外企,10天年假,双休,五险一金) ( 杭州-滨江区 )
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