Haining Oregon Nursery Technologies Co., LTD (“HONT”) is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise registered in China with a total investment of US$16 million and registered capital of US$8 million, which is invested wholly by Oregon Nursery Holdings, Ltd. Our Chinese headquarter locates in Binjiang district, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. Right now, we have three nursery bases in China. One of them is located in Zhouwangmiao town, Haining city, Zhejiang province which has about 360mu growing beds totally. Jinan nursery in Shandong province covers an area of about 310mu, and it is being expanded continually. Shuyang nursery, Jiangsu province covers around 2000mu.

Our trees are all imported from America with specialized production mode. We have imported over 150 varieties involving in flower trees, shade trees and shrubs, and all of them are planted in containers without soil. HONT is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of colorful container trees in the world. We have global advanced production management system and technology system. There are expert growers from Oregon live in China to assure close supervision of our nurseries and to consult with our customers. HONT is intended to introduce a large number of high quality trees and propagation technology of nursery from Oregon to China and try to become the largest and professional propagation center in China.

HONT will provide a comfortable and stress-free working environment for each employee and we focus on personal opportunity of career development. Also there are friendly colleagues. Join us - a foreign company from now on.


  • 销售实习生 [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 苗圃农艺师 [ 江苏省 ]
  • 英语行政助理 [ 江苏省 ]
  • 园林苗木销售 [ 江苏省 ]
  • 销售代表 [ 济南 ]
  • 项目销售经理 [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 园林苗木销售 [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 植物 / 绿化设计师 [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 销售代表 Sales Rep [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 苗木生产经理 [ 江苏省 ]
  • 会计 [ 江苏省 ]
  • 景观设计总监 Landscape Design Director [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 销售总监-零售 Sales Director - Retail [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 苗圃管理员 [ 江苏省 ]
  • 淘宝天猫运营 [ 杭州-滨江区 ]
  • 公司地址:杭州市滨江区滨盛路1505号银丰大厦501室