At BAMKO, we're wired a bit differently. We believe that everything is possible. Our team is made up of talented people who live by the motto "where there's a will, there's a way". We smile in the face of adversity and embrace challenges that cause others to give up. We're positive and persistent — but always remember that if we aren’t having at least a little bit of fun, then we aren’t doing it right.

As a general business practice, Bamko looks for the following qualities in the people it on-boards:

Cross-functional skill set: someone who can work across a variety of platforms and move across a variety of positions within the organization

Customer service: all Bamko personnel have some interaction with a client at some point or work on something that is meant for an end user. This means that each and every person must be customer-centric.

Dedicated: with less than 10% turnover, Bamko looks for long-term fits that are aligned with the organization's values and goals. Being a multinational, hours vary heavily and we pride ourselves on being fully available to our client’s needs.

Forward thinking: there is a great deal of proprietary technology as well as commonly used new-age technology involved in all aspects of Bamko's operation. All Bamko personnel need to be comfortable using the latest means of technology to further enhance their productivity at work.

Attitude: more than anything else, Bamko looks for people who are great personal fits and retain that "whatever it takes"attitude to apply towards all aspects of their job. Bamko has a can-do attitude and its team is at the foundation of it.

Decision making: Bamko looks for people seeking major responsibilities and are not afraid to make a decision. Bamko instills a great deal of authority within each team member and therefore needs team members that will embrace such empowerment.

If this person sounds like you, please submit your resume to us through the system or email to with the position you want to apply.

Thank you for your interest in Bamko.

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心动不如行动! 期待您这样的英才加入我们的团队!
  • QC质检员-印刷包装 ( 广州-海珠区 )
  • Project Manager 外贸采购 ( 广州-海珠区 )
  • Merchandiser-Printing/印刷包装跟单 ( 广州-海珠区 )
  • QC/质检员 ( 广州-海珠区 )
  • QC Inspector/质检员(工作地点:江浙地区) ( 广州-海珠区 )