EKATO (Shanghai) Agitation Equipment Co., Ltd.
EKATO (Shanghai) Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.
The EKATO Group, based in Germany, is a worldwide leader for providing mixing technology and equipment for fluids and solids. The Group offers customer-oriented solutions for all branches of the process industries: Chemical, plastics and polymers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics, flue gas desulfurization, paints and coatings, hydrometallurgy, food technology. EKATO (Shanghai) Agitation Equipment Co., Ltd. and EKATO (Shanghai) Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. are wholly owned subsidiaries of EKATO Group, taking care of technical support, marketing research, sales and after sales activities, and managing representatives in China on behalf of EKATO Group. In terms of our business expanding, we are inviting high caliber professionals who are self-motivated and willing to learn to join us to share our achievement and make your career.
总部位于德国的EKATO集团,专业于流体及固体的混合技术及设备,为以下各行业提供面向客户的解决方案:化学制品、医药、生物技术、化妆品、烟气脱硫、油漆及涂料、湿法冶金、食品技术。伊喀拓(上海)搅拌设备有限公司和伊喀拓(上海)商贸有限公司是EKATO集团在中国设立的全资企业,代表集团公司执行在中国业务的技术支持、市场营销及售后服务、协调各地区的代理商等。 因公司业务发展需要,我司诚邀具有自我激励和学习精神的专业人士加盟,以分享我们的成功并拓展您的事业。


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